Happiness with Yoga :)

Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of the mind. – Alice Meynell

Yoga enables us to see how our mind affects our body, and our life. We learn to watch our thoughts and find the peaceful space within our inherent, authentic selves – Kreg Weiss Yoga


Your Constitution Type Based on TCM

What is my type?

The basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture treatment is about finding a balance that suits your body type.  In order to find out what type of constitution you have in these terms, take a read of the different types below & see which one you think sounds like you.  It is possible to be a combination of more than one type but don’t worry, about this for now, just see which one most sounds like you.  As we go along I will be introducing foods, recipes & lifestyle advice for each type to help you to take control of your physical, mental & emotional health & become your better self again.


  1. Cold
  2. Hot
  3. Damp
  4. Blood Deficient
  5. Qi Stagnant
  6. Blood Stagnant

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Preparing for Pregnancy with Yoga

“From the yogic point of view, the time before a child is conceived is as important as the actual pregnancy.  Once you have decided to become pregnant, you should prepare yourself through a balanced  diet & give up alcohol, drugs, nicotine & caffeine.

This is not only recommended for the woman, but also for the man.  The decision should be taken by both of you to get pregnant.  The woman and the man alike have to prepare holistically for motherhood and fatherhood respectively.  Although this chapter is addressed to women, it is also advisable for men to practice Yoga.  What is good for the female pelvis and her reproductive organs is of course also good for the male pelvis and his reproductive organs.

Yoga practice will gently improve the blood circulation of the pelvis and the reproductive organs.  It will strengthen the spine and consequently the uterus and will enhance fertility.  Mentally Yoga creates equilibrium and emotional balance.

It is important to adjust the practice of asanas according to your menstrual cycle.  Especially for a woman who wants to become pregnant, this adjustment for your menstrual cycle is a prerequisite for conception.”

This information is taken from Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood – Getta Iyengar & Rita Keller