Breath Work

We suffer because we are resisting the way things actually are & wishing them to be different. We can put so much effort into wishing things were different that we often end up being in a lot of pain, when we are in pain we are never in the moment, always caught up in the past or projecting into the future.

As always in this type of Active BW meditation’ the breath will take you where you need to go.

This BW is an active breathing meditation in which we consciously activate the Breath to order to work through aspects of ourselves that are difficult to reach, aspects of ourselves which are holding us back from living, truly, honestly & fully. It can unblock stuck parts or ourselves that allow us to see with more clarity & awareness.The foundation of this BW is self-love which not only allows us do the best we can for ourselves, but how this also connects to our relationships with others. Self love may seem cliche or self indulging but unless we can feel this connection to ourselves we cannot fully authentically love outside of ourselves.

If you are pregnant/have any respiratory or heart conditions please just let me know.  

Most importantly if this is your first time to do BW, I suggest just going into it with an open mind & let whatever happens, happen!

Preparation for the online BreathWork class:

Before you arrive, spend a few minutes tuning into how things are for you now & if you want to bring intention to the breathwork.  One of the aspects of the BW is working on opening the heart & so if there is something that resonates with you in relation to this.  If you find it might help to write/journal before/after if you wish to consider an area of your life or a relationship you would like to bring more flow or balance to.   It is also beneficial to make some notes after we finish if anything comes up for you.

You will need a computer or phone to be able to assess the zoom link with volume on your device or you might decide to wear a headset.

We will start sitting but do set up a comfortable place to lie flat, on the floor/on a bed – better to have the head flat but if you find that uncomfortable, then something small under the head, a pillow is usually too high.  Make sure you are warm but not too warm!  Maybe something behind the back of the knees.  An eye pillow is also recommended or anything to cover the eyes.  

During the breathwork if you want to have a pillow or something like that to hand as at times you might want to or I might ask you to yell 🙂 (optional) this can help to release if you feel tight/stuck, you might have other people in the house so best to use a pillow (you will be muted)

Have some water to drink once we finish the breath work.

I will be playing music while breathing so I might ask you to check your audio first

We will breathe for 25 minutes, this might seem long but when you are in it & especially get into a rhythm with the breathing/get over any resistance, it starts to flow & usually doesn’t feel that long.

Please log in 5 minutes before so we are ready to start on time.  I have scheduled it for 1 hour & but if I am happy to stay for a while longer if anyone has anything they would like to share.