Your Constitution Type Based on TCM

What is my type?

The basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture treatment is about finding a balance that suits your body type.  In order to find out what type of constitution you have in these terms, take a read of the different types below & see which one you think sounds like you.  It is possible to be a combination of more than one type but don’t worry, about this for now, just see which one most sounds like you.  As we go along I will be introducing foods, recipes & lifestyle advice for each type to help you to take control of your physical, mental & emotional health & become your better self again.


  1. Cold
  2. Hot
  3. Damp
  4. Blood Deficient
  5. Qi Stagnant
  6. Blood Stagnant

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Kidneys – Jing (Essence) the source of Kidney vitality

By improving the qi, yin or yang of the Kidneys one also improves the Jing, our deeper Essence. 

– please be patient, work in progress – Thanks 🙂