Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS):

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the reoccurring set of physiological, emotional and behavioural symptoms in the days preceding menstruation & ending on menstruation.  Symptoms include:  breast tenderness, weight gain, bloating, constipation, insomnia, acne, headache, pelvic pain, irritability, depression, emotional imbalances, poor concentration, confusion, social withdrawal, impulsiveness and appetite changes.  In 10-40% of women, symptoms can severely influence & affect their daily life.  The severity & symptoms depend on each individual & Chinese medicine has a comprehensive & unique way of treating each individual & balancing irregularities, depending on symptoms involved.


PMS symptoms are generally relieved with movement.  Any type of exercise will help but in particular yoga, meditation & breathing exercises can help to restore balance in the body & mind.  For those with a busy schedule, as little as 10-15 minutes per day can help to relieve symptoms.  As stress/emotional/hormonal imbalances can make symptoms worse, the practice of gentle breathing exercises & finding time to be quiet for a short time during each day can make a huge difference.


Acupuncture & Chinese medicine very gently removes energy blockages caused by premenstrual syndrome which in turn balance hormonal & emotional irregularities.  Depending on the symptoms & very specific for each individual, acupuncture restores balance & harmony to those affected by these changes.  Acupuncture also provides deep relaxation that helps to calm the mind & stimulate the body’s natural functions and encourage it to establish optimum balance.

As little as one treatment of acupuncture per month, approximately 7 days before the symptoms would normally occur has been shown to relieve symptoms & allow women to live more harmoniously & balanced both in body & mind, living more energetic & creative lives.


Diet is very important and foods such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, fatty foods should be avoided.

A diet rich in fresh organic fruit & vegetables is necessary for the body to function efficiently during this time.  Where possible, warm, cooked foods will help to aid digestion & put less stress on hormonal function.

Foods which help with the smooth flow of Qi:

Basil Orange peel plum
Caraway Peppermint Squash
Cardamom Star anise turnip
Cayenne Tangerine peel watercress
Coriander turmeric
Dill weed Grapefruit
Mustard leaf peach

Tea for circulation of Qi & Blood:

  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Tangerine peel
  • Filtered water

Immerse tea until 1/3 of the fluid has evaporated

This recipe is taken from Daverick Leggert

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Lavender is very beneficial.


Happiness with Yoga :)

Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of the mind. – Alice Meynell

Yoga enables us to see how our mind affects our body, and our life. We learn to watch our thoughts and find the peaceful space within our inherent, authentic selves – Kreg Weiss Yoga


Preparing for Pregnancy with Yoga

“From the yogic point of view, the time before a child is conceived is as important as the actual pregnancy.  Once you have decided to become pregnant, you should prepare yourself through a balanced  diet & give up alcohol, drugs, nicotine & caffeine.

This is not only recommended for the woman, but also for the man.  The decision should be taken by both of you to get pregnant.  The woman and the man alike have to prepare holistically for motherhood and fatherhood respectively.  Although this chapter is addressed to women, it is also advisable for men to practice Yoga.  What is good for the female pelvis and her reproductive organs is of course also good for the male pelvis and his reproductive organs.

Yoga practice will gently improve the blood circulation of the pelvis and the reproductive organs.  It will strengthen the spine and consequently the uterus and will enhance fertility.  Mentally Yoga creates equilibrium and emotional balance.

It is important to adjust the practice of asanas according to your menstrual cycle.  Especially for a woman who wants to become pregnant, this adjustment for your menstrual cycle is a prerequisite for conception.”

This information is taken from Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood – Getta Iyengar & Rita Keller

IVF support – Dietary & Lifestyle Advice

  • Eat a warm porridge with dates & mollasses.
  • Eat foods that are easy to digest, eg. soup & stews – & make with green leafy veg, Kale or spinich are especially nourishing…make these with some seaweed to add extra nouishment.
  • Avoid cold drinks or foods, a little is okay, just not majority of your food intake.
  • Chicken stock from scratch!.. it provides so much nourishment.

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