Foods: Blood Deficiency Diet

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Blood Deficiency – Daverick Leggett – Helping Ourselves

Supporting our blood through food

Blood is very easily improved through diet.  A diet rich in fresh vegetables is essential.  In particular, dark green leafy vegetables and chlorophyll-rich foods are helpful, especially when combined with grains.  Adequate protein is also necessary.

All meat, fish, beans and several seafoods will strengthen the blood.  In severe cases of Blood depletion, animal organs may be helpful.

As all food forms the basis of Blood, we may simply say eat well and widely.  The overuse of fatty foods, denatured foods and sweetened or salted foods will tend to weaken the Blood.  Foods which especially tonify Blood are listed below.

Aduki bean Chicken egg Kale Mussel Seaweed
Apricot Cuttlefish Kelp Nettle Spinach
Beef Dandelion Kidney bean Octopus Stout
Beetroot Dang Gui Leafy Greens Oxtail Squid
Black soybean Date Liver Oyster Sweet Rice
Bone marrow Fig Longan Parsley Tempeh
Cherry Grape Microalgae Sardine Watercress

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