BKS Iyengar on yoga

“Each pose is free. Learn to diffuse it everywhere”, B.K.S. Iyengar

“Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within”, B.K.S. Iyengar

…be without worries..Christian Pisano

“Be as you are, without worries because the goal is already realised..That is discrimination itself. Who else other than the self could teach what to whom?

Mahesvarananda Maharthamayari
– Christian Pisano, The Heros Contemplation


Be your own Role-model

Those you idealize for their courage, creativity, wisdom or charm mirror your own hidden potentials.


The Heart in Harmony

Those with healthy hearts are genuinely friendly, they are also very humble, not out of convention but because they actually feel small in comparison to the wonders they perceive with their open hearts & aware minds.

Nourish the heart with Mushroom, almost every type have cerebral effects. 

Silicon foods such as oatstraw tea, cucumber & celery improve calcium metabolism & strenghten nerve & heart tissue.

Fruits such as mulberries & lemons calm the mind. (Mulberries having a stronger effect)

Paul Pitchford – Healing with Wholefoods


“Compassion is manifested by loving others, not by loving the self.  Selflessness is manifested by straightening out the self, not by straightening out others.”

Heiner Fruehauf



Do not linger to gather flowers to keep them but walk on..for flowers will keep themselves blooming all your way.
Rabindranath Tagore


Still your body with Yoga & Meditation. 

Use your breath to calm your body. 

Listen to your intuition. 

Try to hear the voice within you as well as the cacophony around you.

Negative Energy

Your energies should be accepted as essentially positive even if you may need to change how your express them. You know where you are with negative energy, whether you indulge it, clamp down on it, or react to it.”

The Yogi’s Joy, Songs of Milarepa – Sangharakshita