IVF support – Dietary & Lifestyle Advice

  • Eat a warm breakfast..eg. porridge with dates & mollasses.
  • Eat foods that are easy to digest, eg. soup & stews – & make with green leafy veg, Kale or spinich are especially nourishing…make these with some seaweed to add extra nouishment.
  • Avoid cold drinks or foods, a little is okay, just not majority of your food intake.
  • Chicken stock from scratch!.. it provides so much nourishment.


  •   Also, red fruits are great for the heart so will calm & nourish…figs or red grapes being a few to choose from.
  • Tea:  nettle tea during the day will nourish your blood.
  • Concentrate on your lower abdomen, keeping in warm but not overheated.
  • If you watch tv/read – view/read funny, happy tv/movies/topic – nothing disturbing like horrors!
  • Go to bed early, if you can’t sleep, read something light & entertaining.
  • Get some light exercise, nothing vigourous or strenuous

Also, here is also some information from my website on IVF treatment support


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