IVF Support

Supporting IVF with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is used to support IVF treatments by safely & gently supporting the body during this delicate time. The treatment strategy is based on increasing the blood supply to the developing follicles or by increasing the nutritional supply to the egg via the fluids that surround and nourish it.

To begin with, patients are asked to come for regular Acupuncture treatments in the months preceding IVF in order to regulate & harmonise the body so it will be balanced & healthy by the time IVF treatment begins.

Dietary advice is also given according to each individual in accordance with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

An Acupuncture session is given both before & after egg collection & transfer, please speak to your therapist giving as much time as possible so as to be sure they will be available according to your timing & needs.

Your Acupuncturist will be available to support & treat you accordingly when the outcome of the treatment becomes known.

Information on this page is taken from:
The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Childbirth & Pregnancy
Debra Betts