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I started to practice yoga in my 20’s as a way of combining meditation and movement, I experimented with lots of different styles and teachers until I found my teacher Pavara, Senior Iyengar Teacher & Buddhist order member in Dublin to work with regularly.  His gentle yet powerful style of teaching the Iyengar method truly supported me to go deep within myself & my practice and after 7 years of guidance, inspired me to to teach.  I was initially drawn to the simplicity and attention to safe practice of Iyengar, through which we become grounded in the body, Iyengar yoga is very much about alignment of body & therefore of course the mind.  Since training as an Iyengar teacher & with respect for the Iyengar tradition, I have explored various other trainings & styles as I found that the rigidity of the Iyengar practice was not something that resolutely with how I live.

Having trained for 2 years as an Iyengar yoga teacher, my training & practice has taken me on many different paths & styles of Yoga including:  Restorative, yin, gentle, therapeutic, chair & somatic based practices.  I continue to regularly attend training courses with senior teachers including senior Iyengar teachers  Margaret & Gordon Austin & most recently James Higgins, leading instructor in San Francisco & Teachers Director for Yoga Works.

I am drawn to yoga of all traditions, believing that the essence of yoga practice comes from within and it is through this inner journey that we come to know ourselves and the world around us. – Bairbre

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“Words fail to convey the total value of Yoga, it has to be experienced” BKS Iyengar

Photo taken in Sutton, Dublin by the beautiful & talented:

Isabelle Coyle Photography