Iyengar Yoga Classes


Unity Yoga, Spillars Lane, Clonakilty

Gentle/Therapeutic Yoga class – Weekly Thursday 12-1pm

This class is open ability, for anyone who enjoys a more gentle approach to a physical yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga & Deep relaxation:  – Twice monthly, pop-up, Thursday or Friday evenings.

Acupuncture/Yoga workshops:   Approximately once a month:

A combination of: Yoga, restorative yoga, Sound Healing & Acupuncture

Limited class places to allow for space & personal attention

Beginners/Improvers Iyengar Yoga Classes

Yoga is for everyone, no matter what age or limitations life may bring.  If for any personal reasons you would like to practice yoga but do not feel comfortable in a class, please contact me & I will advise in relation to private tuition or a group that suits your circumstances.  Also, if you have a group of people in your work place or community that would like to form a class, please let me know & I will do my best to arrange a class for you in a location that is convenient for everyone.

My general Iyengar classes at present are mixed level classes suitable for absolute beginners and students with more experience of any style of yoga. Alignment is very important in Iyengar yoga, this creates a strong base from which to work, providing new students with a solid foundation and allows students with more experience to go back to the core of their practice in order to strengthen and ground their yoga. Unless stated otherwise, these are generally six-week courses in which the classes vary and progress from week to week. The main focus will be on alignment and body awareness.  The classes will be challenging & energizing as well as rejuvenating. As each class unfolds we will explore both active and meditative postures.  Although my training was initally Iyengar, I am really happy to bring to my classes various different teaching from a variety of great teachers & yoga traditions.

Restorative Yoga, Deep relaxation with meditation practice:

 In this session I bring together my detailed knowledge of alignment based Iyengar yoga with experience of various meditation practices.  I am a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher & originally began my study of meditation in South East Asia & Nepal.  I went on to practice Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana Meditation & the Buddhist practices of the mindfulness of breathing & loving kindness meditation.

This class involves just a handful of yoga postures done with the support of bolsters, blocks, blankets & pillows, all used to make the postures more comfortable & to help the body to stay comfortably in the postures for longer.  Once in these postures, I will guide you through a meditation, teaching you to focus on the breath & helping to guide you back as your mind wanders.  We focus also on the body & sensations, becoming aware of ourselves at all levels of body, mind & spirit.

This type of Yoga/Meditation is beneficial for everyone but can be especially helpful to those with fertility issues, chronic illnesses, severe stress levels including any issues that can prevent us being our authentic selves which in turn hinders our ability to identify our needs & roles in life.

Inverted poses, such as lying with your legs elevated and resting against a wall, have been found to alter hormone levels and reduce blood pressure and fluid retention as the heart rate slows and blood vessels dilate in reversed gravity.

Women’s Health Yoga – Nurturing the feminine through yoga

This yoga class is for any woman who wishes to connect with the feminine through yoga.  By using specific sequences in this practice we nurture ourselves & our internal body & organs, creating wholeness & balance on all levels of our being – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

A healing & rejuvenating practice, this class is suitable for all women with any level of yoga practice, it is particularly beneficial to those with hormonal imbalances, stressful lives & for anyone who is planning for pregnancy in the future.

This is a strong class but with emphasis on the calming or yin aspect of yoga & therefore also intensely recuperative.

Energising chair-based Iyengar yoga – Seniors Yoga

This class is for Seniors or anyone with limited flexibility for any reasons and therefore would find it difficult to do a yoga class without props. The benefits of the class are similar to a regular yoga class: to relax the body, improve the musculoskeletal fitness & flexibility and to elevate the spirit.  The class is physically challenging, allowing each student to take the practice to a level suitable for themselves & each class winds down to a recuperative & rejuvenating level of practice.

About me!

I started to practice yoga ten years ago as a way of combining meditation and movement, I experimented with lots of different styles and teachers until I found Iyengar, this style truly inspired me to go deep within myself and also to teach.  I am drawn to its simplicity and attention to structure, through which we become grounded in the body, Iyengar yoga is very much about alignment of body and mind.  I am a fully certified Iyengar yoga teacher & dedicated student and continue to regularly attend training courses with senior teachers including senior Iyengar teacher  Christian Pisano  &  James Higgins, leading instructor in San Francisco & Teachers Director for Yoga Works.  Although my main influences have been Iyengar teachers, I am drawn to yoga of all traditions, believing that the essence of yoga practice comes from within and it is through this inner journey that we come to know ourselves and the world around us. – Bairbre

“Words fail to convey the total value of Yoga, it has to be experienced” BKS Iyengar

Photo by Isabelle Coyle Photography