Sperm Health to boost male fertility

Male Fertility – Sperm Health:

The following information is taken from advice from Dr Allan Pacey, Senior Lecturer in Andrology, University of Sheffield.

How to prevent/repair Sperm Damage:

  1. Don’t smoke, smoking damages sperm DNA.
  2. Get checked out for sexually transmitted infections, such as Chlamydia and ureaplasma which damage the DNA and the genetic quality of the sperm.
  3. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit & vegetables – this protects sperm from free radical damage.
  4. Avoid heat.  The scrotum is positioned where it is to keep the sperm cool so wear baggy pants and avoid hot baths and jacuzzis.
  5. Bear in mind that driving a lot, cycling and hardcore sport such as marathon running pushes the body to physical extremes.
  6. Be sensible with alcohol.
  7. Don’t save up sperm; ejaculate regularly (two to three times per week).
  8. Have sex two to three times a week but be careful with lubricants and saliva.  Arousal is important as it affects the amount of sperm you will release: you are not helping yourself by having mechanical, impassionate sex.
  9. If you work with chemicals, especially paints and glues protect yourself with a mask and make sure there is plenty of ventilation.


Foods containing vital nutrients for Male Fertility:



Vitamin E

Vitamin C


Brazil   nuts (max 3.day) Nut &   seed oils Citrus   fruit Meat
Wheat   germ Nuts   & seeds Kiwi Fish
Oats Wheat   germ Strawberries Chicken
Garlic   & onion Wheat Blackcurrant Eggs
Barley Germ oil Red   pepper Pumpkin
Butter Whole   grains Broccoli Sunflower   seeds
Smoked   Herring Eggs Cabbage Whole   grains
Brown   Rice Green   Leafy Veg Brussels   sprouts Beans   & pulses
Whole   grains Melon Ginger   root
Red Swiss Mango Rye
Chard Watercress Oats



Arginine Carnitine Vitamin B12 F Acid
Nuts,   especially walnuts Beef Meat Green   leafy Vegetables
Almonds Pork Fish,   especially: Beans
Brazil   nuts Lamb Trout Lentils
Beans Dairy   products Salmon Asparagus
Lentils Sardines Oatmeal
Eggs Dried   Figs
Cheese,   especially Avocado



An Amino acid that may affect sperm count and motility.  The heads of sperm contain large amounts and abnormal sperm counts often indicate a efficiency of arginine in the semen.  Arginine also improves blood flow and can be very helpful for erectile dysfunction, alongside pycnogenol.

Note:  People who suffer from the herpes virus should avoid foods rich in arginine as it stimulates replication of the virus.



This amino acid plays a crucial role in the metabolic processes of energy production that fuel sperm motility, and high levels are normally found in sperm cells.  Vegans should be aware that there is virtually no carmitine in plant foods and supplementation may be necessary.


Folic acid:

Some research has shown that this may reduce abnormalities in the sperm.